Thinking interdependently

In a group project, I got a chance to learn the skill of thinking interdependently. Our group project was to create a documentary about the environmental issue of water. At the beginning of our project, a lot of ideas came up. Each person wanted to do a different topic, such as watershortage, water pollution, and etc. With so many ideas, it was hard to make the decision of which topic to focus on. Then we decided to listen to each person's idea and their reasons of doing it. Fortunately, we were able to meet an agreement on watershortage.
On the stage of making storyboard, we also had many conflicts and arguements. We argued where to put which scene. Especially for the scene of "Now let's look at Shanghai!" Shannon thought it was necessary while I thought it was useless. And also whether to put the statistics of water usage in the beginning of the film or right before the interviews was a big arguement. I argued that it has more effect if it was putten before the interviews, and she argued that the introduction won't have enough information. However, we were all able to sort things out as a group, and without conflicts. Though eventually, none of the things look like how we planned, we had better ideas as we work through.
Luckily, we got over the project! We finished it, even though it wasn't the best quality.

Our group discussion about storyboard
We kept revising our interview questions.