There are sometimes when we miss some important aspects while trying to accomplish perfection in minor areas. Focusing on inadequate areas lead to less accuracy and precision. The evaluations my peer has given to my group for Environmental Water Issues Documentary project is one of the examples that reflect the critical mistake our group made.
The only criterion we received two 3 points was the Content part, which we frankly had little time to revise and improvise for a better one. We also had some problem, while group meeting, in narrowing down the topic. Half of us wanted to just focus on Shanghai, and the other half of us wante to focuse on the whole China. In conclusion, we decided to start the video comprising the whole China and narrow the scale down to Shanghai as we move along the video. Nevertheless, by scanning through the scores and the evaluation comments we have received, it seems like our attempt was a little bit too adventurous that it confused our audiece. On the other hand, we received almost ten 5 points on the acknowldgement criterion, which indicates that our video, although the focus slightly ambiguous, was full of new and interesting informations that stimulated our audiences' desires to learn. Another criterion we worked very hard on was the coherence of music and the visual part. Since we spent a lot of time choosing the adequate visuals and music, our audiences all commented that our song was very well fit into the video. Although our group received a good grade on the project, we failed to deliever an accurate and a precise content, because we focused too much on embellishing the video.

We strive for accuracy and precision in criterions that are critical in delievering the overall message of the video. However, it seems to me that if I have another chance to work on a video such as this, I should pay more attention in narrowing down the topic into a very concise one that audience will not get confused while viewing the video and our team mates will not get distracted by the sudden extreme incoherence in the content that they don't know where to fix. Of course, presenting a video that fulfills every requirement is very important. However, next time, I will make sure to strive for accuracy and precision in the content criterion first, and then work on technical skills and consider the overall impact on my audience.