Chemistry class is a class always full of new color and reactions.
Even when I am in a bad mood, whenever I attend a lab and observe a new kind of chemical reaction, my sullen mood alleviates and I tend to be more active than in any class I attend.
This case was not an exception for the day when me, Jean and Cara formed a group and observed mole relationships in a chemical reaction. 0007.jpg

We performed a lab experiment where we had to measure the accuracy between the mole ratio we have obtained from the lab and the theoretical ratio we can infer from the balanced equation. We carried out the experiment step by step, making sure we qualify each requirement.

Because the lab required fire, there was some small quarrel within my group whether who is going to light the fire. The quarrel made the lab less enthusiastic and I was getting tired by the small dissonance made in our group. However, just then, chemical reaction that happened in the little dish awed all of us three.

(above is a link to the video we were awed by)

The chemical reaction was the strongest one we have ever observed in our General Chemistry class and the bouncy reaction of the bubbles surprised us and drew us together close to the dish.

Another amusement came from the accuracy between the mole ratio we have obtained from the lab an the theoretical ratio we inferred from the balanced equation. We obtained our measurements and calculated the percentage error by following through the given calculation steps in the picture. Our percentage error appeared to be 0.001%. We were amazed by how accurate our result was! However, we had to go to Ms. Jordan to get the process checked, in case we made a critical mistake that would alter the whole conclusion. In consequence, Ms. Jordan confirmed that the percentage error we calculated was very accurate. She also said that 0.001% of percentage error usually counts as 0% error, which amused us even more.

Responding with Wonderment and Awe is a very important aspect in learning any subject. If there is no enthusiam in learning, the process will be very dull and not memorable. Another interesting thing is that, enthusiasm in learning brings a clearer memory of the class.
Some classes are boing, because they are full of dull lectures which requires us to take notes and solve problems which we do not even have a grasp of the concept yet. However, through lab experiments, we get to visually explore the process and actually participate in assisting the occurence of the chemical reaction. This involvement brings us sheer enthusiasm and wonder, which automatically saves the general information and important concepts into our knowledge.