Golf Ball Entry
Persistence is a spirit that you never give up until you succeed. Luckily, I had a chance to reflect this habit of mind on my self through the Lab of the golf ball in the beginning of the school year. For the golf ball lab, we had to make the golf ball float in salt water. In the beginning, we had no idea where to start. So we tried little by little, first time only 10 ml of salt. We took the entire class to do this lab, but failed. Even though in the end, we tried 30 ml ( we always use ml because we used the wrong measuring tool) of salt, which we thought is a lot, it still did not float. After the class, we could not give up on thinking about the answer for this problem, so we went online to search for the answer. Unfortunately, the answer was very vague. It just said to put as much salt until the water can't dissolve anymore. So the next day, we went to our science classroom during flex, to find out the answer. After about 20 minutes, we finally made the golf ball float. We added 80 ml of salt into 250 ml of water. Without the persistence, we won't be able to make the golf ball float. Persistence is necessary for success, because somtimes, it's not that you can't do it, it's that you didn't spend enough time on it.

floating golf ball