In many situations, we just get involved without being prepared enough. When writing essays, students mainly lack of planning. When playing games, people just start without reading the directions. This also happens frequently in my science class. Many times I lose points because I did not read the instructions carefully, which Ms.Jordan has been reminding us all the time. In the lab of Sodium hydrogen carbonate and hydrochloric acid, we had a fantastic result, mainly because we did not start the lab impulsively, but after we've read the instructions carefully. Of course, a lab in school is not so important. After we get out of school, we make more significant decisions. We should apply "Managing Impulsivity" habit of mind to all situations. Many teenagers just act without thinking, such as doing drugs, which they did not think about the outcome of doing something. Managing impulsivity does not only make us do better, but also prevent us from tragic results.