Gathering data through all senses

When we learn, we use our senses. Most of the time, we use only one or two senses to learn; and the most frequent ones are seeing and hearing. However, what if we used all our senses? Would we get more from it? Luckily, I've got the opportunity to learn by using all my senses in my General Chemistry class, in a lab of heat experiment. In the lab, we were able to see the color of reaction, hear the fizzling sound of reactions, and even smell the strong reactions. It is espeicially important to learn by using all senses in Science. We have to record down all the observations from all senses to get the most accurate results. In the picture, it's a mix of NaHCO3 with phenol red. The color of the reaction turned purple at first, then slowly, red. The smell was a very strong alcoholic smell. We touched the bag with our hands, and we could feel the heat coming out from the reaction. By these observations, we then fully understood the use of phenol red with other compounds. Without using all of our senses, we couldn't possibly see all the effects of phenol red. I believe, not only in labs, but also in other things, we should always try to use all our senses when we can, to get as much as we can.