Finding Humor
We all make mistakes in our lives. It's impossible to succeed in everything in our lives. What is important is, we should not collapse even if we fail. For example, if you didn't do well on your quiz or test, don't just forget about it, don't be too serious that you can't get over it, but find some humor in it, maybe it's just a stupid mistake? On my last chemical reactions quiz, I got a B. It was not the grade that I expected. At first I was kind of disappointed, but after I took a good look at it, I found out the mistake I made was just a careless mistake. Then I sort of laughed at myself. The mistake was made probably because I didn't read the ion chart carefully so I messed up the charge of Copper iodine. I could almost get a perfect score just because of that stupid mistake. Also, it's important to know where and how you made your mistakes, so on the next time, you won't make the same mistake. My mistake on this quiz wasn't actually something that I didn't know or didn't understand; it was just a careless mistake. After realizing that, I felt much better and did not sob for it. Even if you didn't do as well on your quiz or test, so what? Remember your mistakes, and then do well next time! Failing isn't always a bad thing, instead, you learn more from succeeding somtimes.

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