Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

When new situations come, we might not know how to deal with it. However, we should always think back and try to find a way that we've already learned to apply to the new situation. Especially for our science course right now, it's a mixture of old and new materials. When I was doing the atomic structure worksheet, most of the questions and materials are the knowledges I learned in previous school years.However, after a summer of not touching these knowleges, I tend to forgot a lot of them. When I did those worksheets, I tried not just to ask when I don't get a question. Instead, I tried to think back, looking over the notebook I had for science class last year, and trying to solve it by myself. When I really couldn't solve it, then I seek for help. In this process of applying the past knowledge, I noticed that I understood the question better, and remembered deeper. I believe, if I just go ask people when I don't get a question, I might only get the answer without fully understanding it. Also, the new materials were easier to understand after I brought back my past knowledge.