Thinking flexibly requires divergent thinking. For my individual project in the end of the year, I decided to make a documentary on the impact of batteries to the environment. To make people enjoy your documentary, it needs to be entertaining but also contains some serious facts. When I first came up with the idea of making a life of a battery, I simply thought of getting a battery and explain how it works. Later, when it's used up, I'll throw it away and explain the impact of it on the environment. However, there's many possible ways to make a good documentary. So I searched some other funny videos on the internet. Then, I got a very interesting idea, that is to act as a battery in person! In the end, my movie was very entertaining, but also have facts and information. During the process, there were also a lot of difficulties on how to include the explanations in an interesting way.
The success of my movie "The Life of a Battery" is all due to flexible thinkings. We should not only think flexibly in school projects, but in all the areas. Especially when we get into the society, thinking flexibly is a very important skill. It does not only provide you with more and better solutions, it also triggers your creativity. Remember, we only use 2% of our brain at most! Maximize your brain functions!!

I'm a battery!!