Usually when students know that the class would be showing presentations instead of having a class, most students would think it's just a "sleeping class". They think it's a time to take some rest, take a nap, or slack off. I was one of those students as well. However, in Ms. Jordan's class, I realize that she always watch the students when they're listening to presentations. I think it's very good because everyone needs to be respected. In addition, we do learn a lot if we listen to the presentations carefully. The greatest example would be our individual project presentations. Even though I was very sleepy, I still payed attention to the presentations. As a result, I learned a lot! Just like Ms. Jordan! For example, Johnny's presentation was very related to real life and reminds me of the memories in my childhood. I remember we used to use those heat packs and it always smelled bad. I got a chance to actually learn about it and I'm very glad. Also, Lily's experiment made me know that which egg is the best for humans. Big eggs are not necessarily better! And I learned that recipes are not always right from Emily and Victor's experiment. I gained so much knowledge just in one hour and twenty minutes. So I realized that, we should always be ready to learn, any moment maybe very significant to our life. If we're not ready when the time comes, we'll miss the big opportunity.