In our daily lives, we always use vague words to communicate. We use words like "it's fine" or "it's nice" to describe things and people, but people don't really know what exactly "fine" or "nice" mean. It's okay if we just get over it in daily lives, but when we do works and more formal things, the precise wording becomes important. For example, in science labs, if we do not use precise words, the labs may not be able to be repeated. Moreover, if the conclusion is not precisely described, the whole lab may be meaningless and useless. A basic reason to use precise wording in science class would be trying to get all the points on the test. On the mid exam, I used "it" in my conclusion and got some points off. If I did not use "it" to replace the exactly object I was talking about, I would have got that point. And a lot of points were lost because of careless mistakes like that.
Using precise words is not only important for grades, it is also important for people to understand what you're talking about. Good communication is a skill required for the survival in the society; it only has positive effects!
What does nice mean?