In group discussions, people are usually devoted into contributing ideas, so they usually forgot about listening to others with understanding and empathy. It does not happen to me very often, because usually I'm the one who's being ignored. I remember in the water documentary project, I had a lot of suggestions and ideas, but only few of them are used. I suggested a lot of solutions to our problems, but they did not take it and instead continues to argue with each other. I was kind of mad, but later I found a new way to cooperate with them. I stopped giving ideas and instead try to modify their ideas. In the end, our water documentary was moderately successful. After that, I really understand the importance of listening to others with understanding and empathy. To make teammates fully participate in the task, you have to listen to their ideas. When you start to listen to others, problems would be solved more easily and better solutions would be provided. Three heads are always better than one head!
Teamwork is very important!