For my personal project, I did something that I always thought I can't do well, that is - ACT! To some extent, I was forced. On the other hand, I really wanted to challenge myself to do something that I'm not brave enough to do. The result, though, is not that great, just like what I thought. However, I was very glad that I tried. I always say, "I can't act", but the truth is, acting as a battery brought a lot of fun to people. If I did not try, the movie might won't be as great as how it came out. Trying is the most important thing. We should always touch the areas that we have never touched, always try the things we have never did. Sometimes, you think you can't. But if you try, and you try hard, there's nothing that you can't do. And the only reason that you'll regret is because you did not try.
After all, I found acting very fun and exciting. While you act, you can also send the message you want to send to the audience, which I think is a very meaningful thing to do.
Try, even if you fail, try again!