All kinds of things happen in all kinds of situations. There are many things that we can't predict in our lives. Sometimes, good things would happen when you do something; but sometimes bad things can happen as well. Taking risks in science labs is very important. To find out new things, you can't only do safe labs. It is also essential, however, to make sure that it's a risk that you are capable of. If you can't be responsible for the result, then you better not act. In this lab I did, the reaction has a very high temperature that goes up to higher than 100 degrees celsius. I need to be extra careful and extra cautious during this lab. But as a return, it is the most interesting lab I've ever did and my knowledge increased a lot! Taking risks can give you a lot of surprises and things that you might never learn if you just did the things you're supposed to do.
In this lab, I had a lot of fun watching the smoke. It was very exciting and everyone was shocked. There was also funny smell and loud fizzling sound.
The temperature is higher than 100 degrees!
smokes came out of the cups